What started as a single cafe in 2013, progressively expanded into a group of cafes, coffee outlets and regular food events. As our establishments grew busier, we saw an opportunity to streamline our businesses and reduce our operating costs dramatically. This came in the form of a centralised commercial food production facility which alleviated preparation times at our venues, lowered staff numbers and improved consistency.

Now known as The Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group, our offices and commercial food production facility has been operating successfully since 2015. Located in Kensington Victoria, we are now a multi-faceted organisation producing high quality foods for restaurants, events & functions, food trucks, corporate & private catering, including our own cafes. 

Our Melbourne cafe group with eleven major venues in the Melbourne C.B.D. as well as four regional venue represent high quality food, beverage and service with value for money and customer satisfaction are our highest priorities; These are the core values of The Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group.

The Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group also offer additional services such as consulting and menu creation for specific events or restaurants. 

The Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group prides itself in producing high volume products with consistent quality and customer service, all with our customers satisfaction in mind.