As our company keeps on a path on continual growth, not only does our family of staff but also by extension our business partnerships. 

An increasing demand for catering city wide has led us to reevaluate our logistical approach, from ordering to deliveries and supply of fresh food and vegetables. As an institution we have always prioritised our customers needs first and on that note we constantly revisit consumer interaction in an effort to facilitate the most user friendly experience possible. 

In more recent times we have founded partnerships with platforms such as Yordar and Order-In which has seen us boost catering by taking a more innovative approach to placing orders. By broadening our reach on the inter web, clients now have the ease of booking our services with the click of a button or the tap of a screen. Services such as have made our full services and menues accessible across all venues online. 

In an ever fast paced environment that persists in the corporate world, we fully understand how valuable time is to our customers and so we have focused on smaller partnerships with app based companies such as Skip and MealPal. This places a customer's order in queue well before they arrive at venues just with help of a mobile device.