The Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group's ventures lie not only within the company's cafes but also it's catering services. We have been rendering our catering services for 3 years now starting locally within the vicinities of our then 4 venues and function spaces. Since it's inception, we have expanded from a once small catering project, into our own recognised brand within the catering and corporate sectors.


Our range of services saw itself increase from sit-down business lunch for a handful to corporate conventions catering to 800 attendees. As our brand continued to amplify it's presence, so did our need for equipment and space that was fitting of the current industry standard whilst maintaining the height of quality production. This implemented the need for a bigger location to meet an ever growing demand for catering.

From here we proceeded to source and acquire a space within which the right tools could be integrated to produce and distribute quality articles of food. Within a short space of time our central Kitchen operation was set up in Kensington, posing as the companies most vital asset in catering operations.


Melbourne's ever-growing cafe culture has inspired us to acquire more cafe business in the last two years, particularly in Melbourne's business district. This has also given us the opportunity to develop a franchise for brand Mr. Tod. Mr. Tod has progressed from a single venue in a historic East Melbourne site to now five cafes in total with our most recent tendering of venues in collaboration with Melbourne Polytechnic. Mr. Tod  has since expanded into the suburbs or Preston, Epping and Fairfield taking our company to the outer suburbs of Melbourne. 


The arrival of Mr. Tod at Melbourne Polytechnic created room for us to take a fresher, healthier approach to catering and food. This purely due to the presence of a much younger demographic on campus sites. This adapting to the needs of young adults with a keen awareness of the environment and healthy eating habits. 

Specialty Coffee

With an accelerated growth of cafe businesses in more recent times one of our biggest pursuits in the last year has been specialty coffee. When you are a hospitality based company situated in the coffee capital of the world, one does not simply neglect Melbourne's love of coffee. This began with a brand new partnership between Eureka Corporate and Veneziano Coffee Roasters. The Melbourne based specialty coffee brand has been around for 10 years now setting it's mark and high standards in the world of premium coffee. This collaboration has seen our cafe venues to become purveyor's of some the finest coffee in Australia let alone Melbourne. 

As the Eureka Corporate Hospitality Group continues it's expanse we look to take on new challenges in the shape of new venues, clients and long term partnerships that see's us practice our passion for delivering a high end service at affordable prices.